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DIY forage crowns

To make your forage crowns you will need some cardboard for the crown, hot glue gun, staples and lots of foliage, flowers and any other good finds.

Firstly, go for a walk and forage along the way.  There are always plants hanging over fences that no one will ever notice a flower or two have been cut off.  You and your little ones can also gather any leaves, grass seed heads, feathers anything they find.  Once you are home unload your finds on your kitchen table.

For the cardboard crown you can use an old weetbix box, thicker paper from junk mail or last month's calendar page to make the crown.  Once you have your card cut a strip to whatever depth you would like.  Size the crown to your little ones head and then staple the crown, cutting the excess length off. 

Now the fun begins.  Start glueing and stapling the flowers, leaves, grass heads onto the crown to where your little ones would like them.   

Once your little one is happy with their crown then they can wear it and let the next adventure begin!

The crown will last for the next day or two and to make it last longer store it in the fridge xo


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